The top villa rental tips are general
and can be used by anyone
considering a villa rental booking




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Ocho Rios
4.        Protecting your Money

Many agents and some owners will bond or Trust your payments – this will protect you if they stop ‘trading’.  You can
further protect your payment by paying for your villa with a credit card.  If anything does go wrong you can then take
this up with your credit card company.

5.        Get Confirmation
When you make your booking you should always get confirmation in writing.

6.        Know What’s Extra
Compare like for like.  The adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is very true of villa rental but you should also ensure
you know what you’re paying for.  Some villas charge extra for utilities, linen, and cleaning.  

7.        Create a Checklist
Organise a check-list of what’s included in the rate and how much extras cost.  A checklist could look something like
1.        Do not be afraid to ask Questions

This really is the best advice.  Asking and answering questions
will enable an understanding of what you want and what is
being offered.  Owners certainly do not want guests that end up
being dissatisfied and so will welcome lots of questions.  

2.        Make Sure the Location is right

Whilst a ‘Caribbean villa holiday’ conjures up images of palm
fringed white sand beaches, thatched and romantic rustic
beach accommodation – this may not turn out to be the
accommodation of your dreams; in reality.  Be specific with your
questions about the locale; check out (or ask for) a map of the
area; how far away are the neighbours, nearest town.  A hillside
retreat may sound idyllic but what happens if you become
bored of your own company – how far away and how accessible
is the outside world.

3.        Going ‘Owner Direct’ with Confidence

Of course, booking direct could save you money, may create
more flexibility and you will deal with someone who knows your
chosen area inside out – dealing direct will give you a ‘feel’ of
the place before you get there.  However, the risk with booking
owner direct relates to the question – is this really an owner?  Is
this a real villa?  What recourse is there if things are not what
they seem?
The alternative would be to book via an agent who may or may
not know the villa that well; will certainly be earning some form
of commission which boosts the price you pay; but may be
operating in accordance with regulations that protect the
customer; because agents do not want the hassle of
dissatisfied customers they will inspect properties and will not
offer properties which they have received repeated and valid
complaints about.  The ideal option for anyone considering
booking owner direct is to do so with an owner who also is a
member of a regulatory body and/or represented by an agent.
  Villa 1
Villa 2
Villa 3
Basic Cost
Van/Driver Hire
On-Site Amenities
Distance to Beach
Staff (roles)
Protected Payment / option
to pay by credit card
Lots of Pictures seen
Other Extras
  • Laundry
  • Linens
  • Cleaning Materials
Are there surcharges for
paying by credit card
Type of Security Service
8.        Know What You’re Getting

As well as an owner who is happy to answer questions you should not make your booking on the strength of 4
photographs.  A website that shows lots of internal and external pictures is good – you should also ask when the
photos were last updated

9.        Assess feedback from past guests

There is much debate amongst villa owners on the credibility of customer reviews / guest books – the jury is out on
this one.  However, owners continue to use the feedback – some will put you directly in touch with past guests and
what you hear or read may form the basis for your questions.

10.        The best ways to cut the cost

Most villas will in various ways offer special rates – this may include reductions for under-occupancy; reductions for
particular weeks; or for last minute bookings.  Some owners also follow the hotel system and have their cheapest
rates booked first – once they have a good number of bookings – the rate goes up.  A little research and some of
those questions will help you find how your preferred villa’s owner manages special offers.  Our general tips:

Last Minute tends to be cheaper – but do not leave peak weeks – Easter, July/August, Christmas/New Year to the
last minute.

Find out your chosen destination’s off-season weeks and try and arrange a booking during this time – Caribbean
Low season is April – December – good times for a bargain include May, and September.

Villas are most affordable for groups – consider going away with friends or another family

Our Take on This:

In an effort to provide some good general advice we have not related any of the above to our villa specifically; for
those wanting to know where we stand on the above:

1.        We love questions

2.        We feel our location is just right:

  • •        Access-controlled
  •        Beach access
  • •        Residential area
  • •        Close to town and activities – if you so choose

There also is a map of the location on site
mammee bay map.   The area is private
and characterised by villas with pools on large .5 – 2 acre lots; the Estate is immediately accessible from the
main North Coast road.

3/4   We operate a Trust scheme and are also registered with JAVA which is the regulatory body linked to
the Jamaican Hotel and Tourist Association.

5.    We will always confirm your booking

6.    We offer 5 packages
  • a.        staff & accommodation
  • b.        meals
  • c.        Driver and Van (and discounted activities if you choose)
  • d.        All Inclusive - accommodation, meals and gratuities
  • e.        All Inclusive with private driver

8.    The website shows lots of up-to-date pictures in the
Mammee Bay Villa: and Mammee Bay Estate galleries
We include our quality assessment of the villa on the site at
quality villa
Our guests have found the 'What you should know before you go' page very useful in determining whether
encillo is right for them.

9.     We do ask our guests for feedback and because we believe even great experiences can be built upon
also request 3 suggestions for improvement.  We also show these recommendations on the site. More info on
this at
Jamaica villa rental feedback.  
10.   We do not offer tiered rates but instead offer significant reductions on selected weeks which are released
around January and June each year – further information can be found at:
discounted villa special rates.