Villa Quality Standard Checklist

The following checklist is used with the permission of the Association of
Florida Villa Owners.  This is how it is used:

'Each home starts with 100 points. We then go to the home and look for
specific things on a checklist (seen below). Each item on the list has a
weighted value. If the home does not meet the requirements for that item,
we subtract the value of the item from the home's points. If the home
score dips below 80, the home fails our inspection. If the score stays
above 80, the home passes. It's that simple’  
The Assoc of Florida Villa

How Did We Do?

Sencillo came out with a score of 92.  Points  were deducted for the

  • Fire Drills / Site Map – 2 points – an evacuation plan does exist        
    although the drill and site map is not yet displayed.
                  Update May 2008: Drill Displayed in English and German
  • Windows – 2  points - there are very many louver windows
    throughout the house between 6 - 8 in each room – totalling  
    approximately 60.  4 of the total number were found to be fixed or
              Update October 2007: Fixed or Jammed windows repaired

  • Kitchen floor was dated although clean. – 4 points
             Update August 2007: Kitchen floor retiled; pictures to follow

To Note:

The quality checklist had been designed with the Florida rental market in
mind; there were therefore some areas that were not considered.

  • There is no separate Games Room at Sencillo
  • There is no pool alarm Update February 2010 Porta Pool alarms
    are now available for young children
  • There is no separate Garage at Sencillo
  • A Florida’s rental licence was not applicable

The items not considered total 10 points - Sencillo remains within the
acceptable Quality Band.


The points lost in this assessment will be addressed through
improvements planned at the villa.  The areas that were not considered in
particular Pool Alarms will be investigated during 07/08 -  watch this
space for updates.
A common understanding of what
Quality means can be difficult to
achieve.  This assessment is useful
in setting a basic quality standard and
building on it.



The House



The Villa Quality Assessment

Alarms to Pool (5)
All alarms on Windows and Doors leading to the pool area, must be in good working order or a recognised,approved safety fence installed.

Bathrooms (2)
Overall condition of bathrooms. Includes the cleanliness as well as supplies such as toilet paper, soap and towels.

Bed Linen (5)
2 sets of Bed linen of the correct size per Bed, 2 Sets of Top and Bottom Sheets and 2 sets of pillow cases per bed size.

Bedrooms - other General (3)
First impression and cleanliness, tidiness.

Beds (5)
Adequate Beds for stated number of occupants

Carpets & Floor Covering (4)
Must be in a clean and good condition

Comforters or Blankets (2)
At least one per bed

Crockery (2)
At least one complete set of crockery per person, Cup/Mug, Side plate, Dinner Plate, Bowl.

Cutlery (2)
One set of cutlery per person, Knife, Fork, Desert Spoon, Tea spoon.

Deck area - seating (3)
Must have adequate seating for at least 80% of occupants.

Dinning Area - General (2)
Overall condition of the furniture, including cleanliness and Appearance

Dinning Area - Seating (4)
Must have adequate seating for all occupants between dinning and breakfast areas.

Entertainment Equipment (3)
All entertainment equipment must be in good working order

Exterior (2)
General appearance, wall and paint work condition

Fire Drill (2)
Fire drill and Site Map should be on display. Fire extinguisher should be upto date.

Furniture- General (4)
All other furniture in good condition and clean.

Games Room (3)
Must conform to regulations and have suitable Fire Exits.

Games Room-General (2)
First impression on cleanliness, tidiness

Garage - General (2)
Clean and everything in good order, room for parking car.

Glasswear (2)
One set of Glasswear per person, Large, small and Wine Glass.

Interior Walls (2)
Paint work in good clean condition.

Kitchen - General (2)
Overall cleanliness of kitchen area, including clean dishes.

Kitchen Elec/Gas Equip (5)
All Kitchen electrical equipment, Washing M/c, Dish washer, Fridge, Stove, Dryer, Coffee m/c, Microwave in clean and good working order,

Kitchen Ware (5)
Adequate for the amount of occupancy i.e., at least 3 Saucepans, 1 Frying pan, 1 Kettle, Grill pan, Tin Opener, Vari cooking utensils
Sharpe Knives, Tea Towels, cleaning cloths, Dish cloths

Lawn and Gardens (3)
lawns, should be heathy, mowed and trimmed. Flower Boarders should be well kept and trimed where nesassary.

Licence (2)
Owners Licence should be upto date and on display

Lounge - General (2)
Overall condition of the furniture, including cleanliness and appearance

Lounge - Seating (4)
Adequate seating for the stated amount of occupants

Master Bedroom-General (3)
First impression and Cleanliness, Tidiness.

Pillows (2)
At least one per bed single size and two per Full or Larger bed

Pool & Deck area (4)
Pool Should be Clean and all equipment in good working order. Deck area should be clean. Screen should be in good repair.

Towels (5)
Wash Cloths, Hand Towels and Bath Towels Two per person.
Pool Towels one per person.

Windows (2)
Overall cleanliness and condition of the windows, Blinds or window fitments
Mammee Bay Master Doorway