We want you to be happy with your
choice of  Jamaican Villa.  We believe
encillo and Mammee Bay Estate is
the perfect choice for many.  Please
read this page to be certain that what
we offer is right for you - let us know if
you need further information
We on a personal level love this area - it is close enough to town to easily and affordably access an excellent range of services activities and
experiences and yet situated in an area that has the peace and security for a completely relaxing time.  The fact that a beautiful beach is so close by
(a short walk) is a big plus too.  We do realise that our location may not be everyone's ideal.  You cannot walk into town, a taxi currently costs £3-4;
US$6-8; €4-6.  Taxis collect from the villa gate although shared taxis and buses are readily available from the Estate Gate.  Day or night passes can
be purchased to access The Riu or Sandals Dunns River facilities (the Riu has a good disco too) The cost of this is currently US$80 per adult and
US$40 for children - Additional location information is found on our
Mammee Bay Location page

Checking In / Checking Out
Check In is not before 3.00 pm.  Check Out is before 11.00 am.  This is to enable our staff to prepare the villa for incoming guests.  The stated check
in times cannot be altered without prior agreement - where possible we will be flexible with check in times.

Your Cook
Ms Valerie s the cook at Sencillo.  She is very experienced in preparing superb island dishes.  Special dietary requirements should be notified to us
prior to arrival.  We will always do our very best to accommodate particular diets or tastes.

Extra Beds
Whilst Sencillo very comfortably accommodates eight.  We do have an extra foldaway single bed and a portable crib which we will make available
upon request for children.

Insects and Other Wildlife
Part of our tropical scenery are mosquito and (small) lizards.  We manage this well at  Sencillo, and so have never had a problem.  It is important to
note that at times, they can find their way in.    We should confess to using a chemical spray every few weeks to manage bugs.  The villa staff will
also spray the villa during the evening and also provide repellent coils that keep mosquitos at bay.  Guests are advised to bring along with them,
insect repellent that is of tropical strength.  

Linens, towels, soaps etc are provided as well as televisions in bedrooms, and a small CD/DVD library.  You should let us know if items break
whilst you’re at the villa (these things do happen) – it will help us repair or replace the item quickly.  We do count the linens/towels prior to and
following your stay and will need to charge for missing or damaged items.

On your arrival you will be issued with a set of keys to the Villa – these include access via the dining area and access to the pool bar where toys are
kept.  You will also receive bedroom keys.  Let us know immediately if the keys are misplaced/lost.

Noise Levels
Whilst we are not far from the Town Center, Mammee Bay Estate is a very quiet location.  You should expect noise consistent with a quiet residential
area.  The Estate is set back away from the main road which, whilst accessible, does not present noise problems at the villa.

Patsy, our Housekeeper will launder your clothing every other day.  Linen baskets are provided in the bathrooms.  Used towels are changed daily.  
Pool towels are provided at the beginning of your stay.

Passports and Visas
Visa requirements vary depending on your originating Country.  Please contact us if you need specific information on entry requirements.

Patsy will carry out housekeeping on a daily basis this includes tidying rooms, making beds (changing bed linen if required/requested) and also
replenishing used towels

We work with a mobile spa service.  Verona is a licensed therapist details and costs are available on request.

Plumbing, Electricity and Conservation
Utility services are far more temperamental on the islands than in the US or the UK.  Water is very precious so please report any leaks or drips you
notice to the Manager immediately.  A responsible tourism suggestion is to not to let water run whilst brushing teeth and where possible take ‘navy
showers’ – wet down, water off, soap up, rinse off quickly!!

At times (although not too often), the area can experience power outages.  Candles are available, flashlights, lighters are available for such

As well as conserving water – please be mindful of energy use generally. e.g. Do not use the air conditioning unit with louver windows or doors
open.  We support the work of The Travel Foundation.  Please let us know if you would like specific information relating to conservation practices.

The Pool
Diving is advised against for safety reasons, the pool is cleaned and chemical levels checked by our pool keeper at least twice weekly.  A net is
available for leaves that may have been blown in to the pool in between pool keeper visits -  Staff will do this each morning.  Further Safety advice is
available in the Welcome to
Sencillo Guest Information.

Protecting your Vacation
We undertake protection arrangements for the sums you pay to us in specific circumstances.  Your payment(s) is also refundable subject to an
incremental cancellation fee.  However, the arrangements do not protect your full payment in every eventuality and trip insurance is therefore strongly

Whilst Mammee Bay is certainly not a crime hot spot, it should be noted that crime exists in Jamaica and there are recognised hot spots in certain
areas away from Mammee Bay.  However, a common-sense approach should be undertaken at all times.  Do not flash cash, leave valuables
unattended at the beach or in your car.  Use the in-room safes provided.  Further specific advice is available in the Welcome to
Sencillo Guest

Special Needs and Requirements
If you or anyone in your group has special needs or requirements – please advise us at the earliest opportunity.  We will endeavour to meet all
individual need.



The House


The following pages aim to provide you with the information needed to
decide whether Wynfield in Mammee Bay Estate is right for you.

There truly are so many villas, at different prices, amenities and
services sometimes it’s difficult to compare.

A snapshot of Wynfield would show that the villa is not ultra modern,
minimalist nor a ‘luxury' – if you’re looking for something along these
lines – please let us know; one of our partner villas may meet your
needs.  At Wynfield bathroom and kitchen cabinetry is basic and

The tropical essentials of Sun, Sea and Sand are combined with
Simplicity and Service to make your stay at Wynfield special.  The
location is ideal and the amenities will add to a fun experience.  For
information on
Mammee Bay Estate visit here.  Photographs of
Mammee Bay Estate can be found here


We highly recommend you take up the option of an all inclusive
service.  It will certainly be more affordable than purchasing the various
elements separately and will assist in managing vacation expenses.  

The beach is a private white sand beach located a block away from the
villa.   There are two reefs out of shore the first of which is
approximately 30 feet out.  This makes for great snorkelling in the early
morning  – our guests are advised not to dive within the shallow waters
inside the reef.
Wynfield Balcony (through Cotton Canopy)
Mammee Bay Estate Pool